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We know that financial literacy continues to permeate society and investors increasingly want to make their own investment decisions.  With advancements in technology, choices are now available that were previously the domain of only institutions, hedge funds and professional investors. That is why we have built a platform that will allow our clients to make informed decisions about investing in high quality asset backed loans.

As investors ourselves we recognized the problem but couldn’t find a solution that worked for us.  We struggled to find opportunities where transparency, alignment of interest, ease of access and scale were all available in one place.  We spoke to friends, colleagues and other wholesale investors who all felt the same and that’s why we set up Yieldtree to provide a solution.


The borrowers also have a problem.  The banks that used to provide a solution in the form of mortgages and charges against assets are no longer there for many good credits.  Non-bank lenders have stepped in to fill the void, but most have high investment minimums thus excluding wholesale investors from their funds.  Many funds and other non-bank lenders are also constrained by their own assets under management and investment mandates.

Yieldtree aims to address these issues, helping borrowers to gain access to funds more easily whilst helping investors lend funds with confidence.

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